About Debbie Sensei & Molly

Debbie has been teaching in Nagoya, Japan as an English teacher since 2000. She is from Tasmania, Australia, has a BA in Asian Studies and Languages from the University of Tasmania. She is currently studying for her MA in TESOL. Debbie has 14 years experience teaching young kids to college students. The materials have been created from her many years of experience and with the students and fellow teachers in mind. It is her hope that the students will enjoy using these materials and that the teachers will also find them easy to implement in their classrooms.

Molly was born on August 17th, 2010. She is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. She was born the runt of her litter and has had various bone and muscle problems since she was born. She is the perfect Teachers Assistant and the inspiration of many of the materials.



My students love using these resources. They are always wanting to know what Molly will do next. Florencia Uruguay

Thank you so much for creating these fun and colourful flashcards. I will be able to use them in my classroom for many years to come. Yamanaka Osaka

My son loves listening to these song in the car. I am surprised at how fast he learnt the songs. Sofia Buenos Aires, Argentina

My students love playing your colourful game cards. These make a great alternative to playing with a boring 52 deck of cards and they are even learning new vocabulary. Kim Korea

I have been using these flashcards and songs in my EFL kindergarten class for a few months now. The students have responded really well to them. Fatma Turkey