Nagoya Vocab Board Game V2

Whether you are an experienced teacher, a newbie or a enthusiastic parent, these free resources will help you brighten up your classroom. These flashcards were created to help educators and students enjoy and have a great time playing (studying!).


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Big Flash Cards:
When printing them out you are able to choose the settings on the printer to the paper size you want (A4, B4, B5 etc). The last card is the back card. You can choose print out one for each card or not.

I recommend:
Use A4 size paper for small children or big classes. Print on high quality photo paper (the colour is totally different than normal paper). Laminate all the cards, so you can re-use them for many years to come.

Colouring worksheets: Great for small kids.
You can print them all out on plain paper or just cherry pick the ones that you think your students will enjoy colouring. This is a great time filler activity or you can set it for homework.

Game cards:
With this set of game cards you are able to play a whole array of games.

I Recommend:
Printing 2 sets (this will increase the amount of games you can play) Print more sets if you have a big class Laminate