My students love using these resources. They are always wanting to know what Molly will do next. Florencia, Uruguay
Thank you so much for creating these fun and colourful flashcards. I will be able to use them in my classroom for many years to come. Yamanaka, Osaka
Molly's Classroom Songs are great! The students soon learn the words and are always still singing them when they leave the classroom. Parents have even asked me where they can buy the CD. Chen, Shanghai
My son loves listening to these song in the car. I am surprised at how fast he learnt the songs. Sofia, Buenos Aires, Argentina
My students love playing your colourful game cards. These make a great alternative to playing with a boring 52 deck of cards and they are even learning new vocabulary. Kim, Korea
I found these materials just at the right time, as I was opening my new English Language School. Cute pictures of Molly doing different things now cover my walls. My students love looking at them and talking about them. Tanaka, Okinawa
I have been using these flashcards and songs in my EFL kindergarten class for a few months now. The students have responded really well to them. Fatma, Turkey